Have you ever taken notice to that piece of grass in your front yard? You know, that ONE. That GREEN one.

You might ask, which ONE are you talking about? Are your potential customers asking the same question about you and your business? How are you standing out from your competitors? What is different about you?

Are you keeping up with current technologies in advertising? Did you know that Google AdWords advertising has a reach of more than 80% of all Internet users? Even if you don't use Google, you can't afford to not pay attention to THAT number.

Did you know that the president and CEO of the world's largest magazine publisher (nearly 50 million U.S. readers) was recently quoted saying "Print's future is online."?
(April 10th, 2006 - AdAge.com)

But, blending in is fine. It's okay. It's certainly safe. It's just as accepted as the word "nice." If that's your intention, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. We hope you survive.

However, since 2000, Feverpitch Productions was formed with the idea of standing out in the crowd - being heard and seen - being exceptional! There's more to life than blending in, especially when it comes to our businesses. We thrive on different and survive by breaking out.

Join us. There's plenty of room up here.

The samples within our portfolio illustrate this belief and practice. And our practice is always evolving. It has to.

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